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Team Building

Paintball Jamaica has partnered with Training Tree, to create a one of a kind training experience for organisations who desire a different way of developing their teams.

Step out of the boardroom to the outdoors for a practical lesson in teamwork – Paintball style!

The day of team building begins with a drive to Paintball, Jamaica (30 minutes from Montego Bay), a warm welcome from the Paintball Jamaica Team and a tour of the site. Training Tree will then deliver a 90 minute team building training session detailing the theory of teamwork (take away messages will be provided for each participant). Then it is time to put the theory into practice – in the Paintball field! A familiarization course will be presented about the paintball devices, rules of engagement and techniques on the field before teams are determined and sent into action. Target practice and team games including ‘capture the flag’ and ‘last team standing’ will then be enjoyed for a total of 2 hours. While victorious team photos are taken, a teamwork evaluation form will be completed. Participants may relax around the facility or perfect their aim with target practice, prior to departing.

Team Work Module

This teamwork session clarifies the definition of teamwork, the benefits of working together as a team, highlights successful teams – how and why they are winners, identifies the reasons for poor teamwork in the particular organization and then the participants work as a team to create suggestions for improving Teamwork.

Our Team Building Instructor

Natasha Parchment-Clarke is known for customizing training for organizations and delivering dynamic sessions that transform participants into eager employees – ready to serve, sell and lead. Natasha’s courses develop her participants from the inside out, polishing them into confident, skilled professionals with a positive outlook. Role plays and team exercises during the sessions have participants practicing their new skills and gaining confidence. Attendees leave Natasha’s courses inspired and with renewed zeal for their jobs. Training Tree designs courses to fit specific client needs and creates them from modules including: Superior Customer Service, Successful Sales and Leadership Development. Training Tree has now formally started recruiting and with her usual flair, Natasha tailors recruiting services for her clients. A team of Recruiters sift through resumes and screen candidates preparing them for a face-to-face interview with the hiring manager. Identifying a single position or coordinating an entire “recruitment weekend” interviewing hundreds of applicants – Training Tree has done it all. 2015 Clients include – Couples & Swept Away Negril, Eden Gardens Wellness Resort, Fontana Pharmacy, Royalton Whitesands, Jamaica Prime Foods, Di Foto Shoppe.

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